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Vim 9.1 is available

The Vim project is happy to announce that Vim 9.1 has finally been released.

This release is dedicated to Bram Moolenaar, Vim's lead developer for more than 30 years, who passed away half a year ago. The Vim project wouldn't exist without his work!

Vim 9.1 is mainly a bug fix release, it contains hundreds of bug fixes, a few new features and there are many minor improvements.

New features

Here is a list of the most important new features:
  • Vim contains support for Vim9 classes and objects for the Vim9 scripting language, see :h vim9-class
  • New :defer command, to help cleaning up a function, see :h :defer
  • Support for adding virtual-text to a buffer is added. This is useful for language server features (e.g. inlay hints), see :h virtual-text
  • Smooth scroll support has been implemented. See :h 'smoothscroll'
  • An EditorConfig plugin is included with Vim. See :h editorconfig-install
  • Vim has been updated for OpenVMS. See www.polarhome.com/vim
  • xxd has been updated to support color output and allows to reverse bit dumps

Other Improvements and Changes

Many bugs have been fixed since the release of Vim 9.0, including various fixes for unsafe memory access, memory leaks, buffer overflows and potential crashes.
  • See the helpfile for other improvements: :h new-other-9.1
  • Changes to existing behaviour is documented at: :h changed-9.1
  • A few new functions, autocommands, ex commands and options have been added: :h added-9.1
  • The full list of patches is documented at: :h patches-9.1
  • The Vim FTP Server has been retired. It is no longer used to distribute artifacts to users. If you used it in the past, please update to using the git repository instead


We would like to thank everybody who contributed to the project through patches, translations, bug reporters and everybody else who helped making this release! We are very grateful for any support.


You can find the new release on the Download page.

Please Donate

Vim is Charityware. You can use and copy it as much as you like, but you are encouraged to make a donation for needy children in Uganda. Please visit the ICCF web site for more information: https://iccf-holland.org

02. January, 2024

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